Hello, I'm Ruth

I am a woman on a mission! My passion is to show others how to find and create a life filled with joy and freedom – beyond their wildest dreams.

I realized many years ago that many people did not know how to acknowledge their gifts and accept their brilliance. As I watched others struggling with limiting beliefs and self-doubt, I realized I was on this earth to help them to connect with their highest potential now.

You might be wondering how I got to this place

For most of my adult life, I did not believe in myself. I battled with the belief “I am not enough”. I was doing what I thought I should be doing versus stepping out of my comfort zones. Often people would encourage me to do, be and have more, and they believed in me more than I believed in myself. However, no matter how encouraging they were towards me, I felt stuck and unable to change my life.

All my limitations overrode their kindness and generosity, which kept me feeling small and incapable. I did not know how to receive the information they were sharing with me because I didn’t realize that I had a choice. I thought my life was how it was going to be… and nothing could change it. And to make it worse, serious health challenges were the norm for most of my life.

Ruth at waldon pond
Walden's Pond
My most difficult moment was…

when I was seriously ill and lived in chronic pain. At 45 years old, my doctors told me I was going to end up in a wheelchair. I refused to accept that option even though I had herniation, compression and degeneration in several areas of my spine.

I was diagnosed with multiple auto-immune disorders and respiratory problems, which lead me to be on steroids and inhalers, which never seemed to help. Due to chronic pain, I battled with insomnia and could not do my daily activities as a wife, a nurse and a mother.

Since 1967 I have been in Healthcare, since 1972 a Nurse. 1973 to 2015 I worked in Intensive Care and 17 of those year in ICU/ Trauma Nursing. I have seen the suffering of my acute care patients firsthand; I knew that adding another pill or trying a new treatment would not provide long-term health.

Here comes the blackboard with a white dot

I did not know where to turn, so I prayed for three days until I could start to see the light. It was like I was looking at a blackboard symbolizing my struggles and a white dot as a symbol of what was possible for my life. I knew if I could have complete faith and trust, a solution would reveal itself, and I would find it.

Shortly afterwards, I started to see the magic happen

Miracle, after miracle, after miracle showed up in my life to get me on the path to healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I was willing and open to letting go of my perceived reality and make changes. And I quickly started to see positive and sometimes miraculous outcomes in my health, and in the way I looked at myself and my life. I was able regain my health and release the blocks that limited me.

And the best part…

I now help my clients and audiences simply integrate body-mind wellness and well-being. I love the work that I do today because it allows me to meet each individual and group where they are.

With over forty years of experience, I utilize my extensive background as a Registered Nurse specializing in Intensive Care and Trauma Nurse, and training as a Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, 5-years as an Instructor for teaching the Emotion Code globally to create quantum leap results physically, emotionally and professionally with individuals. As a result, I have been a featured leading expert on numerous platforms, including television, podcasts, and interviews.

I am passionate about helping you to remove present professional and personal roadblocks, reclaim your true value, and emerge into your highest potential.

With love, gratitude, holding the intention to support you in aligning with, lifelong tools, and continual, evolution and expansion of the discovery, to live a life of Joy through Freedom, Wellness, Wealth and Well-being.

I invite you to take action in your own life.

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