More Than Words

Igniting Hope and Support – Spring 2020

Igniting Hope and Support – Spring 2020 810 450 Ruth Kent

Hello Friends, First of all, I hope and pray that this finds you healthy and safe. In addition to some thoughts, I felt guided to share a cluster of videos with you.  In this effort, I would like to ignite hope, encouragement, support and choices, not only for these times in dealing with Corona-19, but…

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Success Together Program

Success Together Program 820 312 Ruth Kent

REASONS TO JOIN THE SUCCESS TOGETHER PROGRAM Release old beliefs and patterns Eliminate paradigms that block your creativity, abundance and potential Banish emotional baggage and mental thoughts that do not serve your highest purpose Grow in abundance within and in all areas of your life. Create habits in daily living with tools that will support…

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Tips for Living an Awakened Life

Tips for Living an Awakened Life 1024 1024 Ruth Kent

Hello my lovely friends! I am very excited to share this fabulous news with you. I am not only blessed to have been a contributing author to “Tips for Living an Awakened Life”, but was also asked to write the Forward. I hope you consider getting your free e-book while it is available during this…

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The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself

The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself 150 150 Ruth Kent

The greatest gift one can receive, is to open the gift of who you are. Tap into the greatest version of who you are, from within. That is the awareness, unfolding of the greatest potential and to live fully that life of JOY.  Today I stopped to hear what I was to hear from the…

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Never Give Up

Never Give Up 150 150 Ruth Kent

What a day!  If I heard it once today I heard it far more than a handful of time, “I will never get all that I have to do done before the end of the year”  What are the top three priorities on your list.  Take time to focus on those.  If you continue to…

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