Sometimes a negative really is a positive.

As an in-demand healer, lecturer, and speaker, Ruth Kent knows what “busy” means. Ruth has designed this special retreat as a healing center of peace and serenity.

Celebrate with Us!

Ruth Kent is holding her first retreat in November 2024.
Join us in a quiet, lush green space.

Power Down: Unplug and put your phone, PC, laptop and tablet away.

Power UP: Listen outwardly as you and kindred retreatants feel and hear Spring unfold in all its glory. Listen inwardly. Breathe deeply. Feel the POWER of each rare, authentic moment of this special time.

Ruth Kent passionately embraces a divine partnership in her mission to serve both herself and others, unlocking the boundless joy of true freedom. Through unwavering dedication, Ruth empowers individuals to navigate hurdles, embrace their true selves, and unleash their limitless potential. With boundless love and gratitude, she offers lifelong tools and unwavering support, guiding others on a transformative journey towards a life of joy, freedom, wellness, wealth, and well-being.
10 AM – 6 PM (EST)
Monday through Thursday
Phone: 828- 778 -0254
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