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How to Get Unstuck – A simple exercise

How to get Unstuck

This exercise allows you to release old paradigms while adopting brand new ones as we build your new blueprint together. One of the main principles we can regularly keep in mind is :

“If you are not fully, totally and truly committed to
creating abundance, chances are you won’t”

A solid commitment to yourself is an absolute requirement if you are going to change things in your life. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, is a futile exercise. So, are you ready to “sign” a contract with yourself?

Are you ready to be all in? Are you in it to win it?

Unstuck Exercise:

Using all of your senses, describe in detail what your dream looks like. Creating a mental picture that you can “feel” with all of your being, creates a connection and bond with that image. Write down a description of your dream, from all perspectives: see, hear, touch, and smell. If you are more motivated by a visual picture create a collage of images the represent your dream.

Visit your dream on a regular, even daily, basis. The most important part of this “visit” is that you feel that dream inside. This is your commitment to yourself.

If you can feel it, you can be it!


Ruth’s Tips for Daily Growth, from the Success Together Workbook Watering Hole:

  • Create powerful habits
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Check-in regularly with yourself
  • Visualize the life you love, daily

The Success Together Program helps you let go of the “old junk” that is keeping you stuck, and creates a new path with a different perspective towards the “Life of Joy and Freedom” you dream of. During some weeks on this 10-week journey, you are faced with realities you don’t wish to see, while other weeks you screech in excitement, “I got this!”

Are you ready? Take action today.


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