Discover the means to live a life of Joy through Freedom, enjoying Wellness.

Meet Ruth

17 years ago I was faced with several health challenges. Having been a nurse since 1971 and having seen the suffering of my acute care patients first hand, I knew that adding another pill or trying a new treatment would not provide long term health. My doctor told me, “I’ll see you in a wheelchair within six years.” I refused to accept that option! Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to Dr. Bradley Nelson, Nikken Wellness Technologies, the Emotion Code and the Body Code, and that is where my journey and my full concept of Wellness through the use of self-help tools and holistic technologies,began.

Throughout my life I have been surrounded by very inspiring and kind individuals, who encouraged me to always do something of value. Over the last 17 years I have not only regained my own health but I’ve been able to share with my clients a way of getting their health back safely and effectively, by showing them how to simply integrate Wellness into their daily lives. Today, the work that I do allows me to meet each individual where they are, be a part of their change and partner with them to enable their evolution to optimal health and happiness in their lives. I invite you to take action in your own life.

With love, gratitude and your personal Divine guidance, discover the means to live a life of Joy through Freedom, enjoying Wellness.

I am here for you…Give me a call at 828-298-2718.