Never Give Up

What a day!  If I heard it once today I heard it far more than a handful of time, “I will never get all that I have to do done before the end of the year”  What are the top three priorities on your list.  Take time to focus on those.  If you continue to attempt to do it all, you may feel like the energy  is being robbed from you, causing you to get off track, feel drain through out the day, possibly even come down with the “Seasonal Cold”. All these can get in your way from doing what you need to or can do.  Do you feel the harder you try the worse it gets.  Enough of that.

Ran out of energy. Carrying around emotional baggage.

Let me introduce to the Emotion Code.  To hear more about this work listen to this video  The Emotion Code is a form of energy work that can effectively, simply help you to release imbalancing and trapped emotions in the subconscious.  The subconscious mind is 9 times more powerful than our conscious.

Here is a clients note who felt this way and after two sessions this note was sent expressing how she was doing.

“I wanted to THANK YOU profusely for the session you did with me last Monday. When I woke up on Tuesday the nausea was gone and I could feel a definite shift had occurred. I know that I have been doing multiple modalities of healing, but my intuition is telling me that the session with you really promoted the big shift I was needing. As the week has gone along I have continued to feel better, stronger, more connected to The Divine, and more empowered!!! YEAH!!!!

I ALSO have had two (very probable) job possibilities come my way this week that could replace the stressful one I need to let go of. YEAH!!!!! I appreciate you holding the intention with me that I will be able to leave the stressful job early in the new year, and start a new job that will be half the number of hours, for the same or MORE pay!!!

Thank you again for sharing your amazing gift with me and the Emotion Code technique.”

Get rid of the trash that clutters your life and your mind.  Blocking you from living from your heart.

Interested in hearing more about the Emotion Code or the Body Code Call me Ruth Kent 828-298-2718 or e-mail me at

I invite you to come learn this tool, the Emotion Code in Greenville, South Carolina January 9-10th, 2015.  Great way to start the year off right

Celebrate each day.  Enjoy doing what you can and validating yourself for your achievements.

In love and Gratitude,

Here for you, Ruth Kent

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