Hello, I'm Ruth,

“From an early age, people remarked on my special gift for being in tune with the emotional and spiritual needs of others,” Ruth says. “That gift developed more as I worked as a trauma and intensive care nurse. 

When I began my own journey toward healing and started practicing Emotion Code/Body Code work—I further developed my abilities for energy healing and intuitive medicine.” 

Now a popular speaker, author, and healer, Ruth helps clients achieve a heighten vibration, to remain in the flow of life’s positive energy, in both their personal and professional lives. 

Calling forth her training, experience, and gifts as a person of science and of deep spiritual faith, Ruth partners with you to release and move past deeply-rooted emotional, physical, and spiritual pain . . . to awaken to a life of joy and abundance!

Watch Ruth’s video, experience testimonials of others whose lives have been transformed by Ruth Kent. Ruth will tell you, it’s time to . . .

“Break the bound barrier—And lose lightyears of pain!”

Ruth Kent
Break the Bound Barrier - Live in Abundance
Ruth Kent passionately embraces a divine partnership in her mission to serve both herself and others, unlocking the boundless joy of true freedom. Through unwavering dedication, Ruth empowers individuals to navigate hurdles, embrace their true selves, and unleash their limitless potential. With boundless love and gratitude, she offers lifelong tools and unwavering support, guiding others on a transformative journey towards a life of joy, freedom, wellness, wealth, and well-being.
10 AM – 6 PM (EST)
Monday through Thursday
eMail: ruthkent@ruthkentllc.com
Phone: 828- 778 -0254
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