Hey Ruth. Here’s an addendum to the last time I wrote. I hope you know how much your generous, loving, compassionate care means to me and how much you have changed my life.   

As I sit here, a year later, and reflect on all the challenges that have been confronted and the changes that have occurred, my heart overflows with love and thankfulness.  There is no way to describe the depth of my gratefulness.  Faithfully, week after week, month after month, and with God’s grace, we have cleared heart wall after heart wall, and emotion after emotion both past, present, and generational and it has been astounding.  The onion has continued to peel away to reveal a bud that is blossoming.  I feel I have been given life back and for the magnitude of that there are no suitable words.  Being able to now do the seemingly smallest things that had previously been impossible is monumental.  I cherish the time I once again am able to spend with my family whether it’s sharing a meal around the dinner table, watching a show with my daughter, going to church with my mom, walking hand in hand with my 2 year old grandson in the park to feed the ducks, cuddling next to him as we read a book or he sings me a song, sitting on the beach listening to the waves, feeling the warmth of the sun as I watch him play in the surf or lying on a blanket in the grass  while we watch the birds flock to our birdfeeder.  Helping with the housework is a joy to be celebrated.  There are now so many possibilities.  I am filled with an inner peace.  Ruth tells me often to listen for and be ready for the many generous blessings God is wanting to bestow and I can truly say, now with hope, I am.  

– Much love, Lori C.

 “After my Emotion Code Session today with Ruth Kent, I experienced total peace of mind, extraordinary, restful sleep, improved mood and 100% relief from my pain.  As a business owner and coach, I had the clarity and increased energy to optimize my productivity and revenue. At the end of my day I had the energy to cook a full dinner and watch a movie with my family without falling asleep.  This is rare! Spending quality time with my family is truly priceless.  We are all so grateful to Ruth. She is using her God given talents to be an amazing healer. The Emotion Code absolutely works instantly.   Attending the seminar conducted by Ruth helped me understand how the Emotion Code works and how to use it to help myself and others. This is an invaluable tool for a lifetime.  I recommend Ruth, her services, and seminars highly and without any reservation.  It is definitely making a positive ripple in the world.” 

– Geri C. (Charlotte, NC)

“Ruth has helped me to unblock patterns and stagnant energy that no longer serve me or others I have no idea how she does this and yet, she has been right on.  I feel truly blessed to know her and to experience her profound gifts, knowledge and training.”  Blessings. 

– Louise G.

Hi Ruth. Quick update to Brighten Your Day!  The shoulder/neck – slight improvement (layer by layer….)  The Harmony Thing – everyone who I normally interact with is so “extra” friendly, and I have been that way, and, I have been more relaxed in general. Yes, a bit of a shift in communication with my husband. (I laughed at my grocery store yesterday where many employees know me – they are all saying Hi like I was their best friend!!! I could feel my energy was just happier!). Have a great weekend!!!

Hugs – Brenda F-S

Hi Ruth
Here is a photo of a note Ben made for me the day of our session together. I know he must be feeling pretty good! I asked him about his legs today and he said they feel good and normal! I will probably want to follow up with another session for him and I am going to practice too with myself and my other 2 children.

– Rachel P.

Dear Ruth. A week ago, Tuesday you did the EC healing on me. I am very thankful for that. I shared with you the difficult news about my 17-year-old son being in jail for a week. He has made many bad choices over the past two years. You asked if you can work on him and I felt so grateful for your offering because I would do anything to help him. I felt your kindness and compassion for my tender heart with this situation. This Tuesday, a week after your long-distance intervention he was released. His mind is clear, he has a change of attitude and perspective on life. It’s probably the combination of scared straight and releasing trapped emotions. I told him that I had a healing and that you worked on him too. He said, thanks ’cause whatever it was I feel like I don’t want to go back to doing that crazy stuff.  So, my dear Ruth….from the bottom of my heart….thank you for your devotion  to finding and releasing my son’s trapped emotions so he can move forward with a healthy fun life!  This experience pushed me to getting into doing my certification so I can help other young people! Love,  Barbara T.

One of my first thoughts this morning when I woke up was of gratitude for you.  Thank you for finding me, seeing me, and essentially saving my life.  My dreams last night showed me  how drastically my psyche has shifted from the work we’ve done together.  Each time a dream started to move into a nightmare, it fully changed directions and became a story about loving myself, standing up for myself, listening to my intuition, etc.  It was quite profound.  You have been an answer to prayers for help, and I am so grateful.  

Xoxoxo – Heidi G

Hi Ruth. After talking to you on Tuesday, I felt great. My nose was healing, no sciatic nerve pain, no bloating, and I felt so strong mentally. Rick and I got up early Wed. and took a ride and then went out to eat. It was just a really happy day. Late last night, my nose began oozing again and I am so bloated. I think I figured out why and it is so crazy. There’s a group of emotion healers on Facebook and I always read their posts – I feel like I learn so much just by reading about their clients. One of the healers started talking about some people have so much negative energy that you could do daily sessions and never get rid of the negative attracting negative. I didn’t think it bothered me. I just knew my good energy was leaving and hours later while I was lying in bed that statement kept coming to my mind. I think that has to be what is affecting me and I’m feeling betrayed that I allowed that. 

I am happy to tell you that I am breathing deeper. Saturday I am going to a wedding and I’m certain the fragrances will not touch me. This is my first big social setting I’ve been to since I got sick!! And I’m not dreading going!!! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me. I’ve got to learn to “tweak” myself. Very grateful to you!!  

-Deborah W. (Gray, TN)

Hi Ruth. It has been more than a year when I met you in an Emotion Code seminar.  Where do I start when I begin listing the benefits of the time, I spent with you?  Thank you barely touches how I feel, and I want to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.  Perhaps I will have more time available to see you again soon.  Until then, Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

– Christopher R.

I just read the report I received concerning results about Pelle’s testing for special education needs (which they had to do because he missed so much school). In it says twice that Pelle’s rapid recovery over the last two weeks (from when the interview was taken) was caused by body code, a type of energy therapy that uses muscle testing. So, you or your therapy are now officially known in the MSAD 51 school district! And the positive result!  The word is out 🙂 You are helping to make this world a better place. Thank you

Annika L. (Maine)

Thank you, Ruth for an amazing session. I didn’t know what to expect, but you put my mind at ease.  I woke up the next morning and felt lighter and happier. I haven’t been able to find a modality that really works. My anxiety has dropped considerably, and I haven’t slept this (and long) since I was in my 20s. Put me on your e-list so I can attend one of your workshops in Virginia. Your work is vitally important. I wish you well.

– Steven W. (Richmond, VA)

Good morning, Ruth. I just wanted to tell you that my back is 90% better I do not have tears behind my eyes this morning I had some issues sleeping but that can be normal thank you for being in my life and I’ll do another session soon. I will check out the magnet and supplement things you have on your website but I would like to talk to you before purchasing anything. I will listen to my session last night and then go from there thank you for the gift you have of being a healing channel for God. You’re so gifted in doing the Dr Nelson’s work.

– Karen D. (Pueblo, CO)

Dear Ruth,

Just wanted to let you know some amazing things….updates since our sessions with you.  Will is feeling great, apparently people are commenting on how happy he looks– I totally agree– he has this very smiley look to him now. He tells me it’s the craziest thing, he can’t get “upset” or worried anymore.  Also, he feels very comfortable being naked now– not kidding!  He said he always felt a little self-conscious before & now he’s ready to go to the Korean spa. Hilarious!

Parker (our 1 year old dog) seems to have gotten a turbo boost– running top speed thru the house & yard like I haven’t seen him do since he was a pup, still slightly? favoring his left arm but seems better.  And a really outstanding shift is that he is eating & finishing his meals with vigor!  He had been such a picky eater, walking away from his bowl after a few bites, I was cooking him chicken just to entice him to eat, etc.  Wow– big change!

Cary had her root canals removed (Friday)& it turns out the infection–cavitation — was really bad.  I cannot express how profoundly grateful I feel for you and Dr. Marvin.  I know in my heart you two saved her health and her life from heading in a completely dismal direction.

I have finished the EC online work & am ready to do my 30 sessions.  Thank you for being such a loving, shining example of the  power of this work.  With so much love from all of us

Stacey H.