Tips for Living an Awakened Life

Tips for Living and Awakened Life

Hello my lovely friends!

I am very excited to share this fabulous news with you. I am not only blessed to have been a contributing author to “Tips for Living an Awakened Life”, but was also asked to write the Forward. I hope you consider getting your free e-book while it is available during this pre-launch period.

“This book shares twenty intimate and heartfelt stories by real and inspiring individuals who have found freedom and empowerment through the living of everyday life. Each awakening journey is unique, and not always pretty, but you will surely see the beauty through their words. Their stories reveal the inherent faith and hard-won wisdom of these incredible authors—the bitter and sweet, the fruitful and lost, the internal battle of spirit and the ease of allowing.”

Here’s a free e-book to help you do it.

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