Breakthrough YOUR Blocks
in a VIP Day with Ruth

Master your Life. Master your Moments. Live Your Dreams NOW!

What will be the intention of YOUR VIP Day?

Together we will work to;

  • Release stagnation and lack so you can fully align with YOUR Abundant Blueprint now
  • Connect into the files of your "survival" subconscious mind, that are holding you back, draining your energy
  • Create a clear Action Plan with specific steps to expedite your movement towards your dreams and desires today.
  • Align with YOUR Action and Purpose mentally and energetically. Experiencing greater level of ease and flow.
  • Discover and learn proven tools, beliefs and habits that will assure your continued evolution of greater potential

Schedule YOUR VIP Day with Ruth

Master your Life.
Master your Moments.
Live Your Dreams NOW!
Normally, to spend this time with me in an intensive 1-1 capacity is well over $1200.

As a special offer and to say thank you.
You can schedule a VIP Half-Day with me.

** A VIP Half-Day experience is for 3hrs **
“I got the confidence I needed.
Over the past 3 days I made $1200 for my business.
Thanks to your clearing, love and intuition of my abundance blocks."
“I couldn’t be more grateful to be working with you. The things that come in our session are eye opening & it’s super humbling to know that some things just want to be healed, and even further, to have the opportunity to do so. Thank you Ruth for the work you do, to say it’s life changing, it’s an understatement!"
Claudia V
Ruth Kent passionately embraces a divine partnership in her mission to serve both herself and others, unlocking the boundless joy of true freedom. Through unwavering dedication, Ruth empowers individuals to navigate hurdles, embrace their true selves, and unleash their limitless potential. With boundless love and gratitude, she offers lifelong tools and unwavering support, guiding others on a transformative journey towards a life of joy, freedom, wellness, wealth, and well-being.
10 AM – 6 PM (EST)
Monday through Thursday
Phone: 828- 778 -0254
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